DIVERSE..Planetary Harmonics & Neurobiological Resonances in Light, Sound, & Brain Wave Frequ page 2

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DIVERSE..Planetary Harmonics & Neurobiological Resonances in Light, Sound, & Brain Wave Frequ page 2
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FRECVENTE BENEFICE ..Alpha..Beta...Theta......!!!!!
 Theta 3.5 Hz -- for Super Learning, especially of Languages 
 Theta 6.3 Hz -- for Super Learning and to Boost Memory 
 Alpha 7.83 Hz -- Earth Resonance! For Invention, Creativity 
 Alpha 7.0 Hz -- to enhance ESP (Extra Sensory Projection) 
 Alpha 10.0 Hz -- for Centering Yourself and general purpose
 Beta 14.1 Hz -- for Efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy  
 Continuous Settings, approx. 0.5 - 900 Hz

 Planetary Harmonics & Neurobiological Resonances in Light, Sound, & Brain Wave Frequencies.

The Measurement of Light, Musical composition--adjusting a musical scale to the frequencies of Earth and Venus.

Planetary Harmonics in light, color, and sound for healing.

Natural verses man made frequencies.

An extensive update clarifying the Schumann Resonances.

The Measurement of Light.

Planetary Harmonics

The astrophysical parameters of a planet are, in part, that which create its astrological characteristic (psychophysiological resonance). An example chart of Earth's Harmonic Spectrum is presented below. Earth's astrophysical parameters are shown translated to their corresponding alpha brain wave frequencies, audio frequencies, and light (color) wavelengths.

The fundamental frequencies of a planet are derived from the planet's astrophysical parameters such as diameter, circumference, rotational velocity, orbital period, etc. These frequencies generally have very long wavelengths, thus they lie in the very low frequency (ELF) and ultra-low frequency (ULF) range. Planetary harmonics govern natural long-term biological growth patterns, monthly and yearly biological processes, and daily brain and psychophysiological function.

First, let's explore the basics of harmonics in color and sound. Brainwaves and audio frequencies are measured in frequency, were as light is measured by its wavelength (the inverse of frequency). The higher a frequency the shorter its wavelength. The unit of measure commonly used for light is the Angstrom (). One Angstrom = 10 to the minus 10th meter (a very short wavelength). The visible octave of light extends from 7000 (red) to 4000 (violet)--red having a longer wavelength than violet.

The mid-audio octave is six octaves up from the alpha brain wave octave, and the visible octave of light (color) is 40 octaves up from the mid-audio octave.

When we think of a color of light, generally we are visualizing a narrow band of many frequencies that comprise a single color or shade of color. In the chart shown above, the center frequency (wavelength) of each of the basic colors is shown, as well as their corresponding audio and brain wave frequencies. Also shown is the conventional musical scale, which reveals where each note lies with respect to the colors in the light spectrum. For example, if we were to raise the note "C" forty octaves up, its corresponding color harmonic lies in the green part of the light spectrum. The note "A" raised forty octaves lies in the orange part of the spectrum.

The following chart shows the fundamental Earth harmonics in light, sound, and brain wave frequencies. All of these frequencies (and many more) create Earth's unique "Harmonic Signature."

The Schumann Resonances

The 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance figure many people hear about is a number made popular by researcher Robert Beck whose work on ELF signals, Earth resonances, and their affect on brain wave frequencies was presented at a U.S. Psychotronic conference and published in late 1970's. He reported that 7.83 Hz is a brainwave frequency often detected when psychics are in their intuiting mode. Others following his work proclaimed the Schumann Resonance to be 7.83 Hz., although this has led to some confusion as to the true nature of the Schumann Resonances (yes plural), and to the assumption that Earth herself resonates at this frequency, which it does not.

In actuality, there are several frequencies between 7 and 50 Hertz that compose the Schumann Resonances. These frequencies start at 7.8 Hz and progress by approximately 5.9 Hz. (7.8, 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, and 43.2 Hz.). These resonances are NOT composed of fixed or specific frequencies any more than the collective mood of human surface consciousness is fixed. Changes occurring in these frequencies are quite normal and do not indicate anything out of the ordinary. All of these frequencies fluctuate around their nominal values. For example, the fundamental Schumann frequency fluctuates between 7.0 Hz. to 8.5 Hz. These frequencies vary from geological location to location, and they can even have naturally occurring interruptions.

These frequencies were first calculated by Schumann in 1952, he reporting the lowest in the group to be about 10 Hz. They were later measured by the National Bureau of Standards at Boulder Colorado in the 1960's where the 7.8 Hz nominal figure was discovered with the 5.9 Hz progressing overtones.

The Schumann Resonances are the result of cosmic energy build-up within the cavity that exists between Earth's highly conductive surface and the conducting layer in the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere.* This creates a world-wide lightning display of broadband electromagnetic impulses that fill this cavity and that act as the stimulus for the cavity to resonate.

* A part of Earth's upper atmosphere is ionized plasma caused by the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
This layer, the ionosphere, couples Earth's outer magnetosphere with Earth's inner neutral atmosphere.

The Schumann Resonances are a part of many frequencies that create Earth's "Harmonic Signature."

The 7.8 Hz. Schumann fundamental frequency is quite close to Earth's 7.5 Hz. circumference harmonic (calculated using the speed of light at Earth's surface). It is also close to 8 Hz., an ideal number from a mathematical perspective. Because of all of these factors, the 7.83 Hz. frequency, the 7.8 Schumann Resonance or an 8 Hz. frequency, had been proclaimed by some to be an ideal frequency to attune to, and that to electronically generate a frequency in this range may even protect us from unwanted harmful frequencies--a point upon which I tend to differ and elucidate in the "Light and Sound for Healing" section below.

To support our greatest well being, and to make possible our evolution and spiritual awakening, we must allow ourselves (and our brainwave patterns) to breath in concert with mother Earth and with her natural cycles moment to moment. The Earth is a spherical receiver of cosmic energy (evolutionary intelligence) which directs our biological process and spiritual evolutionary unfoldment. The Earth re-radiates the cosmic information it receives from its core outward in complex long-wave signals. We receive these signals via our spinal columns and cranial structures (a vertical antenna system). The cranial cavity, the capstone to this antenna captures this information and re-focuses it to the pineal gland, a neuro-endocrine transducer in the center of the brain, where it is then transmitted (via the hypothalamus) as signals that direct the pituitary gland, the master control center of the brain. These signals are further distributed via the rest of the neurological sytem.

Signals in nature breath and meander. Only man made signals are well-defined sign-wave frequencies. It is possible to entrain the brain with artificially generated signals in a matter of seconds. We are not intended to function at one specific frequency. Entraining ourselves with artificially generated frequencies for extended periods, whether 8 Hz or by the 50 and 60 Hz power fields we live in, can be debilitating and is dangerous. It can create degeneration, disease, and mental, emotional, and physical disharmony and imbalance. Most importantly, it can keep us from receiving and integrating the cosmic intelligence provided by mother Earth in a harmonious way. That intelligence is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. It is more important now than ever to be attuned to Earth's core, and the natural cycles of nature for our psychophysiological stability and spiritual awakening.

There has also been rumor circulating in some esoteric circles about the 7.8 Hz. Schumann frequency increasing and that this implies a raising of the awareness or spirituality of human consciousness. In my opinion, both points are nonsense built upon misunderstandings about the fluctuating and multi-frequency nature of the Schumann Resonances and about the nature of frequencies in general. Even if it were true (which would require a significant change in the physical size of the Earth or in her surrounding atmosphere), an increase in frequency does not imply an increase in awareness--on the contrary if anything. From a philosophical perspective, if one were to extend their field of perception out to embrace more space, one would be relaxing their brainwave patterns toward a longer wavelength, toward zero, not increasing their brainwave frequencies. When people say, they are increasing in frequency, or increasing their vibrational rate, and they are referring to shifting from a material form to a light form, or to a more transcendent dimensional form, these terms (used to describe frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum) are really inappropriately applied. They are implying general concepts of thought only and should be understood as such.
Planetary Harmonic Comparisons

Although there are many other parameters creating each planet's "harmonic signature," the following chart is a comparison of the four basic parameters of each planet: rotation and sidereal period (time), and circumference and diameter (space). Corresponding brain wave frequencies, middle octave audio frequencies, and light wavelengths are shown for each planetary parameter.

Notice the close resonance between Jupiter's circumference harmonic and Pluto's circumference harmonic, and between Jupiter's diameter harmonic and Pluto's diameter harmonic. Astrologically, Jupiter and Pluto work well together, this being one indicator of why this is so. The same holds true for Pluto and Mercury. Many interesting correspondences can be found when exploring planetary harmonics. Another example is the close resonance between Mercury's rotation harmonic, and Neptune's sidereal period harmonic. An in-depth presentation of this ressearch and work which I began in the mid-1980s, I may publish in the future.
A Fun Exploration for Musicians and Sound Healers

The following material reveals how to adjust the pitch of the conventional musical scale so it resonates to different planetary harmonics--in this case, Earth or Venus. Composing music in a pitch resonant to Venus, for example, can bring out an entirely new expression and an entirely new response from the listener.

The following two charts show musical octaves adjusted to the planetary harmonics of Earth and Venus. The first chart is more educational in nature. It shows the conventional musical scale, the Pythagorean musical scale, and a musical scale shifted to resonate with Earth's mean circumference.

The Pythagorean musical scale is simply based on whole number progression of 8 Hertz as the fundamental frequency to create the note "C." That is, 8 Hz. raised 6 octaves is 512 Hz. This drops the pitch of the conventional musical scale--from middle C being 523 Hz. to middle C being 512 Hz. Eight hertz is very close to the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 Hz.

The musical scale based on Earth's circumference drops middle C yet further, down to 479.104 Hz.

In Tune to Venus

There are five scales in the chart below. The first one shows the conventional musical scale. Each of the other four are shifted in pitch to resonate with four different harmonic parameters of Venus.

The scale based on the circumference of Venus has the note "C" adjusted to this harmonic. The scale based on the diameter of Venus has the note "G" adjusted to this harmonic. The scale based on the rotation of Venus also has the note "G" adjusted to this harmonic. The scale based on the sidereal (orbital) period of Venus has the note "A" adjusted to this harmonic.

This last scale may be the easiest for musicians to explore for reasons discussed below. This scale raises the note "A" from the conventional 440 Hz. to 442.38 Hz. To compose music in this slightly higher pitch can provide a quite interesting experience. Because "A" is the note in this scale that is resonant to the Venus sidereal period, it may be of interest to explore composition in the key of A.

Changing the Pitch of a Musical Instrument

Obviously it is not possible to change the pitch on all musical instruments, but the pitch can be changed slightly on some reed and string instruments, and on some synthesizers. Because the pitch is shifted the least amount based upon the Venus Sidereal Period, it may be the easiest one for most musical instruments to easily accommodate.

More sophisticated synthesizers may provide the capacity to vary the pitch to accommodate the other scales, and some may even offer the ability to program the frequency of each note individually (which provides a means to create non-conventional scales with the planetary harmonics). Either way, there is the need to have a frequency readout of at least one note to adjust the pitch control of the synthesizer. If a synth does not have this feature, it is simple to connect a "digital frequency counter" for this purpose. (Ask your local electronics' wiz to help). To adjust an acoustic instrument, simply use a microphone (and amp if required) fed into a "digital frequency counter."

There are many ways to explore the use of Planetary Harmonics. Applying them in musical composition is a safe approach. However, caution should be exercised if using any electronically generated frequency for a sustained period.
Planetary Harmonics in Light and Sound for Healing

My exploratory research in the 1980's using specific colors, sound, and geometry tuned to the planetary harmonics was extremely affective at stimulating mental, emotional, and physical response for healing purposes. The different harmonic parameters of one planet also have different effects as well (too involved to discuss in this introductory presentation). The use of specific frequencies in this more focused way should be explored only by those who have a thorough understanding of bio-energy medicine; light-sound technologies; mental, emotional, and physiological correspondences; and the "healing crisis" process.

Because of the entraining capacity of single electronically generated frequencies (as described under "Schumann Resonances"), if they are used for sustained periods, they can trigger and hold a person in any number of psycho-emotional states. For example, specific frequencies can trigger or accentuate any "condition of weakness." If a person has a thyroid condition and suppressed anger, certain frequencies may trigger this condition and enrage the person. If a person has a thymus (heart chakra) immune weakness and suppressed fear, sustained man-made frequencies can trigger and hold that person in extreme paranoia. (This type of entrainment already occurs due to the 50 and 60 Hertz electromagnetic fields people live in daily and the electronic devices they live with--including TV's and computers.) For this reason, and when using frequencies for healing purposes, specific frequencies (especially in coordinated color and sound), should be used in sequences or progressions designed to bring a person completely through a healing crisis rather than simply trigger the condition, or worse yet, sustain it.
Whole brain and body resonance

Although the use of individual frequencies might be used for healing, brain and body coaching, etc. the healthy brain and body functions in wide bandwidth of naturally occurring resonances, not at some idealized frequency.

Remember, living in a pure and unadulterated environment free of entraining frequencies, attuned to Earth, the lunar rhythms, and to the other natural astronomical cycles of life, is one of the healthiest things a person can do.


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